I have known the staff at SourceAbility since 2003 when they first started SourceAbility. Even though, I was hired to handle marketing and branding, I was able to spend a lot of time with them and have over the years in getting to know the entire staff. They are truly professional and fun to work with. They can help someone find just the right job and handle negotiations with an efficiency and professionalism that is amazing.

You will want SourceAbility on your side in growing your business or finding just the right candidate.

VP of Marketing

SourceAbility is a PHENOMENAL recruiting company! For most people, moving countries for a job would look like an impossible task, but they made it all look so easy for me. Right from the start, they were constantly in touch with me and always on top of things, be it with matters related to my immigration, visa, relocation, job or anything else you can name. Thorough professionals, I would any day recommend them to anyone! You sure don’t know what perfect means until you meet the SourceAbility team.

Senior BI Consultant

I had a really great experience working with SourceAbility. They contacted me for a position they were recruiting for. They are friendly, professional, and genuinely concerned that both the employer and candidate are a good fit. I felt that SourceAbility had my best interest at heart even though I was not the party paying for their services. I know for a fact that they had the hiring company’s best interest a heart as well, because they did a very thorough background check on me including extensive interviews with references. From the perspective of someone who has used recruiters in the past to hire people for my team, I really appreciate the screening process SourceAbility did with me because it shows that they won’t send you candidates that don’t meet your requirements. I highly recommend SourceAbility if you are seeking to hire someone or if you are currently looking for a job.

Director of Global Technology

SourceAbility are outstanding recruiters! They were very knowledgeable and professional during my entire hiring process. I was very impressed by their genuine interest in assisting me with all questions I had during the time we stayed in frequent constant in order to go from interview to job relocation. They promptly handled my requests along the way and found solutions to all emerging road blocks. I highly recommend SourceAbility, they are a very trustworthy recruiter and my experience makes me confident they’re not only looking to find the right candidates but also interested in achieving the right balance to establish win/win relationships for all parties involved.


Everyone from SourceAbility is a dream recruiter. You describe who it is you want and they produce that person. Their approach is unique among firms I have encountered in Charlotte. They ask a lot of questions until they understand not only the qualifications of the person you are seeking, but the personality traits, and fit for your culture as well. The savings in time from not having to cull through the “resume throwers” one encounters with online postings, doing phone interviews and then in-person interviews are so worth the fee. My first move when we identify a personnel need is to pick up the phone and call SourceAbility, because I know they will find us the right person.