At SourceAbility, finding talent is our only priority.

As mid-level management, analytics and information technology recruiters, we’re dedicated to providing executive recruiting and staffing solutions for North Carolina and South Carolina employers. We know that first available doesn’t always mean best available, that’s why our executive search professionals stay focused on your search until you confirm that we’ve hit the mark.

From analytics and IT contract recruitment to filling key management roles, we can help you achieve your business goals:

  • Reach critical project deadlines
  • Scale your search or staff to meet your needs
  • Increase profitability and boost ROI
  • Reduce overhead and improve cash flow

We deliver better choices for your organization.

When you hire talent, you hire results.

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Our Results, By the Numbers

  • 100+

    average number of candidates we review per opening
  • 1 out of 8

    number of candidates interviewed who make it through to our clients
  • 70%

    percentage of clients who hire 1 out of 3 candidates we submit (42% of those clients hire the only candidate we submit)
  • 53%

    percentage of candidates we place who were not looking for a career
  • 93%

    how much of our business is from repeat clients
  • 7

    years of average tenure with clients

Recruitment Services

Executive Search

Connect with key professionals you’ll be eager to add to your leadership team. Our specialized executive recruiters will find talent that meets your specific requirements while exceeding your expectations.

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Contract Staffing

Scale your team to meet unpredictable business demands, complete critical projects or fill in for vacations and leaves.

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Evaluate a candidate at your location to assess skills and fit before extending an offer.

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Offload the many complex tasks in your recruitment and hiring process. Recruitment process outsourcing enables your organization to scale to demand, improve performance, reduce costs and increase focus.

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